Fake vs Real KKW Cosmetics

Fake vs Real KKW Cosmetics box open - 323e

How to spot fake KKW cosmetics

One thing we can all agree on: when we found out Kim Kardashian West was launching her own beauty line, makeup lovers, Kardashian fans, beauty editors, and myself alike, all held our breath in anticipation. Whatever she was going to release, we wanted it… and then we found out we could get our hands on a slice of her contour and everyone was hooked. I mean Kim is known for her flawless complexion, and with legendary makeup artist Mario, they kinda put contouring on the map, in a big way! So, it made sense for her to start her beauty collection with a complexion kit. When I recently arrived in LA to find the entire KKW Crème Contour and Highlight Kit collection was waiting for me, I was as eager as you to try these out. After hearing a bunch of mixed reviews, I wanted to see for myself exactly how the KKW Crème Contour Sticks would work, so here’s my experience and honest review.

I was very impressed with the quality and price of the products! Amazing formulas, great range of shades and easy application, specially for someone who has dry skin, I’m extremely satisfied with the results! My everyday go-to, to look and feel AMAZING!