Fake vs Real Mac Cosmetics

Fake vs Real Mac Cosmetics

How to spot fake Mac cosmetics

You’ll have a hard time finding a cosmetic company with a bigger selection of products than MAC Cosmetics. You’ll also have a hard time finding a mall without a MAC store (not to be confused with the Apple store!) or a woman without a MAC product in her makeup bag. Globally recognized as one of the leaders of cosmetics, MAC is one of the three largest cosmetic companies in the world. The company boasts over 500 independent MAC stores, thousands of MAC counters in stores such as Nordstrom and Sack’s, and over one billion dollars in revenue a year.

Originally formulated for professional use in film and photography, MAC Cosmetics is now loved by celebrities and consumers alike, with endorsements from Madonna to Rihanna to Lady Diana. The brand’s energy is fueled by their motto – “All ages, All races, All sexes.” – which boldly proclaims their commitment to providing everyone with the creative outlet to express their individuality through makeup.